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Our commitment to you does not end at the funeral.  Whether you feel comfortable speaking in a group or individually, we're always here to listen. If you wish to learn more about our bereavement services please contact Sister Pat Fesler at the funeral home at 330-792-2353. 

In Response to the Covid-19 outbreak, we are still here to help.

A Message from Sr. Pat Fessler, HM, Grief Support Specialist: 

"In these times of pain, sickness, fear and so much unsettledness, we need to more than ever reach out to God. Maybe now more than ever find a prayer style that works for you and put it into place. Find a prayer partner that you can share with and pray with via the phone, text or email. Every single one of us now have hearts that are breaking and crying and searching please don’t do it alone. Somehow through all of this we are going to become stronger and more faithful. Yesterday Dr. Amy Acton said “life is waking us up.” Yes, I think life is waking us up and helping us to look at what and who is really important. This is a time for families to really be there for each other. We have been a society that is so busy with work, sports etc that we don’t even have meals together, we don’t sit down and have a normal conversation. We are too busy running from here to there. It’s now time to stop and reevaluate what family, life and faith mean to us.  

I have more people than you can imagine telling me how this has heightened their grief. Not only their grief for the death of a loved one but for so much more in life. There are people all over the world who are dying and trying to bury their loved ones, people who have lost their jobs permanently, people who don’t know where the next meal is going to come from. I could go on and on. Now more than ever we need to reach out to people in love. Many of us are working from home, learning new ways to communicate to people, to teach our students and how do we keep our children busy when they are use to being on the go. Put your technology down for awhile and listen to those people that are in your home. What new things are you learning from them. Those that are grieving the death of a loved one are so lost and fearful that someone else they love is going to get sick or die. I am hearing my teens who have had a parent die say I am afraid my mom or dad is going to die and what is going to happen to me? What is going to happen to any of us and how are we going to journey through these uncharted waters some people alone and some with others at their side. This is our time to find new ways to connect and reach out in love.

Please, I beg you, don’t forget about your neighbor who is alone, old, your parents who live alone and are elderly, those people in nursing facilities that feel so isolated because they can’t see their family. What Can you do? Send thinking of you cards, notes, phone calls, pick up a dinner for someone. When you go to the grocery store call them and make sure they have everything they need. Sometimes that flower gift is all that is needed to bring a smile.  

We have so many health care workers, first responders, people that work in a grocery store those essential places that are needed to keep each of us going. When you are at the grocery store do you say thank you? Yesterday I thanked two checkout clerks and they looked at me strangely and said no one has said thank you. One clerk told me she has people coming in yelling at her because her hot counter is not open. Above all kindness and compassion is what we need as a world right now. Yes I say world because it is not only us in the United States going through this coronavirus it is EVERYONE. So what would Jesus say to us? What would Jesus do? What are we going to do?  

Above all, please everyone pray. I am available if I can be of help to anyone. I am working from home and hold all of you in prayer and in my heart. Please be safe and Gentle with You, your loved ones and all those you come into contact with."

Sister Pat Fesler, HM 

Grief Support Specialist Higgins-Reardon Funeral Homes

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Published: October 29, 2020 by Sr. Pat Fessler

In the past nine months our lives have been turned upside down, inside out
and every which way. Peoples’ lives are so discombobulated as one of my
teens expressed years ago. In the fear, stress and unknown, I think God
calls each of us to stop and be silent and to listen. That time is different for
each of us. Maybe it is ten, twenty or thirty minutes a day. But whatever it
is listen to God speak to your heart. Each of us goes to God in his or her
own way. There is no right or wrong way. All we can do is find time for
ourselves and God. There is a message there that is so profound. Don’t
miss it.
In all of this pain, we need to find hope and live our lives in hope. Some of
you may say how do I do that? You are right it is not easy but with
anything that is painful, stressful, fearful there is hope. I am forever saying
to people who come to me in great pain and family members who have had
a loved one die, diagnosed with cancer or any other illness BE HOPEFUL
and POSITIVE. That hope gives you the strength to get up each day and
live the day in peace and when you are feeling uncertain go to your center,
stop, breathe and ask for the guidance to move through that moment and
then the rest of your day.
This year as we look at Thanksgiving and Christmas people ask what do I
do? How do I celebrate? Where do I go? I myself have asked that same
question. More than anything safety is of utmost importance and because
of Covid19 I think we will find for each of us what the true meaning of the
holidays are and how to celebrate them. How do I sit down with those in
my bubble or small group of family members and be thankful for the many
gifts and blessings that God has given me? The same thing goes for
Christmas; who in need do I choose to help, buy a gift for or take a meal?
If you have to be alone, make the most of it. If possible, join your family or
friends on Zoom, Google Duo or FaceTime. You might invite them so you
can be with them for dinner in a new way. I know it’s different but your
holiday is what you make it not what a group of people make it.
Experiment and share the joy, peace and love of the holidays and be thankful for the gifts you do have. More than anything find God in the
holidays and be safe and healthy. BE GENTLE WITH YOU!

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Stepping Stones to a Better Tomorrow For Kids

Children's grief group meets once a month at Zion Lutheran Church in Cornersburg. For further information, contact Sr. Pat Fesler, Bereavement Coordinator. 

For further information, please contact:

Sister Pat Fesler, H.M. Grief Support Specialist 

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